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Welcome to "Champions of Gondor Alliance."
Welcome to the New C.G.A website! We started this site to better serve our member kinships. It was a project made by The Crusaders... Thus we have set up this site to host all Alliance activities.

**Existing members (those whose kinships are already members of the Alliance) will need to apply to get access to the site. Simply use the drop down to identify your Kinship. We ask for you to have your display name signify your kinship. Again the convention is <Kinship Name> MemberName. This will help our the CGA Council to track how active the alliance is for them. Also, If you are your Kinship's Leader or their designated Representative - Add that to the comments section of the application or send Dinendae a PM (Private Message)

**Those Kinships that wish to join the Alliance - to become a Member Kinship within the Champions of Gondor Alliance (C.G.A), you must do the following:

Find a Sponsor:

Get to know one or more of our current member kinships. Once they get to know your kinship, including having some experience grouping with you, they will be asked to vouch for you during the nomination process. Ask your sponsor to add a note detailing why s/he is recommending your kinship for membership.

Apply for Membership:

Have your Kin Leader fill out the application fully. Specify you are a new kinship and also note which current member kinship is sponsoring you. Then give us a description of your kinship and tell us why you are wanting membership within the Alliance. This information is important to the application process. This is your chance to convince the C.G.A Council your kinship is appropriate for membership in the Alliance.

Be Patient:
The C.G.A Council is very cautious about the kinships they allow into the Alliance. They have the member kinships BEST interest in mind. This takes time as every member kinship has input on all member applicants. We request a minimum of 2 weeks from the time the application is fully submitted (with Sponsor and description) before a final decision is made.